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Frequently, in the United States, the term “American” is used to designate pleople born in the United States. While using the terms American or North American to describe somebody from the United States are not incorrect, using them in an exclusionary way- so as to only include people from the United States- is inadequate. South Americans are as American and Mexicans are as North American as those people born in the United States. This usage of the term is inadequate, because it disregards the fact that America comprises North and South America. In addition, America is not a proper substitution for the United States of America as it is not a country. Identifying people from the United States as American is not only vague, but is also insensitive and exclusionary to other American countries and is a reminder of U.S. imperialism throughout history. The suggested term to refer to someone from the United States of America would be to simply say they are from the United States, instead of from America or American.

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