Colored person

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The term “colored person” was a euphemism to describe black people in the 20th century. This term is specifically offensive, not because it was ever used as a racial slur, but because it is reminiscent of casual racism and implies that white is the default or normal color. Terminology has been refashioned and reframed to escape a negative connotation of the past. Recently, the term has been replaced with “person of color,” which is much more widely accepted as politically correct as it is inclusive and refers to all non-white people- although it is used more frequently to describe black people than Asians or Latinos. This term still is not adequate to describe black people because it lumps all non-white people together and maintains the implication that white is the norm. It is preferred to use the phrase black person, using black as an adjective to describe the person’s characteristics. If you are unsure of what to call someone, the best thing to do is ask them what they would prefer to be called.

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