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While the origins of the word bitch refer to a female dog, the word has been transformed into an insult against women. When a woman is called a bitch, it means that she is unreasonable, malicious, rudely intrusive or aggressive. Whereas if the term is used to describe a man it would indicate that he is subordinate. Wikipedia hypothesizes that the origin of the word suggested a sexual desire in women that was comparable to a dog in heat. During the 1930’s the use of the word bitch returned because of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States. Bitch became used to describe annoying women. Currently the term bitch is being reclaimed by feminists, particularly through different artistic mediums. Female artists are creating songs describing themselves as a “bad bitch” insinuating that they are strong. While women are still trying to reclaim the word bitch, many question the weight of the term and wonder if it still carries misogynistic meaning.

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