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The term bossy is defined as an adjective, used to describe people who are fond of giving orders. The term is closely identified to domineering, authoritarian, dictatorial and tyrannical. Bossy is widely used to describe women and girls who are seen as assertive. Women who are strong leaders are described as bossy because they are deviating from the gender stereotype for the “female behavior” that society is used to: submissive and silent. This negative connotation has followed women to the workplace, when a woman holds a high-powered position and demonstrates leadership, she is described as being bossy. Whereas men are seen as leaders, decisive or powerful, women who display similar initiatives do not receive the same accolades. Sheryl Sandberg in 2014 launched a Ban Bossy campaign calling for the termination of the word. While the term bossy is still used today, it is recommended that when describing a powerful woman, one should move to using the words: intelligent, strong, driven, determined.

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